FAMU Housing Office Launches Campaign to Attract Student Talent

November 15, 2021
Leadership Lab
FAMU Housing Office Launches Campaign to Attract Student Talent

The Office of University Housing at Florida A&M University (FAMU) recently launched a program called the “Leadership Lab” to attract student talent. According to the Housing department’s student employment page, interested students can expect to enhance their leadership competencies in areas such as advocacy, administration, programming, and cultural intelligence. 

There are currently openings for positions such as digital marketing intern, resident assistant, desk assistant, Residence Hall Association board member, and Student Success mentor.

Terence Turner, Ed.D., assistant director of Student Leadership and Recruitment, credits Taylor Johnson for the strategy described as refreshing and effective. As the Resident Director of Phase 3 apartments and co-chair of the Recruitment and Selection Committee, Turner said her vision accurately reflects Housing’s aim of finding students who possess the elements FAMU looks for to serve the residential community.  

“The buzz is growing among our student population,” Turner said. “As we roll out additional information, we hope that engagement remains and results in qualified candidates completing the recruitment process.”

The chemistry-themed campaign depicts ideal candidates as a unique mixture of select attributes. In a sketch released on the official YouTube channel for the Office of University Housing, two leaders in lab coats create a liquid concoction representing the preferred characteristics of prospective applicants. In a twist, after leaving the mixture unattended, its fumes overtake a group of curious students who wake up moments later donning FAMU shirts and expressing powerful urges to serve the Housing Department. 

Turner recommends the roles for students who have great priority management skills, customer service experience, and meet the academic guidelines of a 2.7 GPA or higher. 

“We’re looking for students with coachable attitudes,” Turner said. “Students who are willing to learn and want to positively impact the lives of residential students are ideal.”  

Turner also cites relationship building as a common favorite perk among student leaders. Olivia Brown, a current residential assistant, echoes this sentiment. 

“Working with people I can count on is the best part of the job,” Brown said. “Even the toughest challenges are manageable with dependable teammates.” 

In reaction to the leadership lab campaign, Brown said she realizes the skills she uses daily in her role as a residential assistant. She also encouraged students to apply if even they feel intimidated by their inexperience. 

“Don’t be afraid to apply,” Brown said. “You might just learn that you’re exactly what housing is looking for.”

For more information, visit famu.edu/housing