FAMU Joins Florida LambdaRail Setting Stage for 100G Internet Connectivity

September 15, 2023
Lee Hall Building
Lee Hall Building

Internet connectivity jumps from 10G to 100G, boosting the University’s research capacity.

Tallahassee, Sept. 15 – Florida A&M University (FAMU) has accepted an invitation to join the Florida LambdaRail (FLR) Board of Directors, setting the stage for a tenfold increase in campus wireless connectivity and research capacity. 

With its elevation to board member, FAMU intends to establish a 100Gbps connection to FLR’s advanced fiber-optic network infrastructure, providing the university’s faculty, staff, and students with lightning-fast connectivity and seamless communication channels. A FLR connection facilitates data-intensive research, supports remote collaboration, and enables the exchange of large datasets critical for cutting-edge scientific investigations.

“Florida LambdaRail opens boundless possibilities for our researchers, enabling them to connect with peers, access cutting-edge resources, and advance their critical work,” said FAMU President Larry Robinson, Ph.D., who announced the partnership during the President’s Convocation Friday at Lawson Multipurpose Center. “Joining the board aligns perfectly with FAMU’s mission to cultivate knowledge, transform lives, and make a lasting impact on our community. We are excited about the future possibilities this collaboration holds.”

FAMU would be the first  Historically Black College and University (HBCU) to provide 100G for students, faculty and staff. The move also dovetails with FAMU’s push to become the first HBCU to become an Carnegie Research 1 institution.

“FAMU will use the new computing capabilities to execute large-scale computations on materials under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure,” said Vice President for Research and a physics professor Charles Weatherford, Ph.D. “The work will be done in support of the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The research will involve the use of machine learning on high performance computers and quantum computers.”

FLR is Florida’s non-profit research and education network that connects universities, research centers, and not-for-profit partners throughout the state of Florida. By providing advanced network infrastructure and collaborative services, FLR enables data-intensive research, supports innovative collaborations, and fosters interdisciplinary projects across various scientific disciplines.

FAMU brings a rich legacy of academic excellence, innovation, and community engagement to the FLR consortium. With a strong focus on research and a commitment to addressing the pressing challenges of our time, FAMU’s inclusion further diversifies and expands FLR’s collaborative research network.

“We are thrilled to welcome Florida A&M University to a seat on the board of directors,” said Robert Grillo,  chairman of the FLR Board of Directors and vice president and chief information officer for the Division of Information Technology at Florida International University. “FAMU’s unique position within Florida strengthens FLR’s commitment to fostering research and innovation across the state.  We look forward to expanding our collaboration with FAMU’s exceptional faculty, talented students, and renowned researchers. Together, we will drive forward groundbreaking discoveries, address complex challenges, and empower Florida’s research community to achieve new heights.”