FAMU Day at the Capitol Expected to Attract Alumni, Students, Faculty and Staff

April 11, 2023
President Robinson
FAMU Day at the Capitol Expected to Attract Alumni, Students, Faculty and Staff

Hundreds of Florida A&M University students, alumni, faculty, and staff are expected to converge on the Legislature for FAMU Day at the Capitol on Thursday, April 13.

FAMU Day at the Capitol is an annual event held during the Legislative Session for the University’s stakeholders to lobby legislators for the institution’s legislative priorities.

Events kickoff at 9 a.m. and culminate with alumni, students and staff speaking to legislators and legislative staff.

2022 FAMU Day at the Capitol FAMU students lent their voices to FAMU Day at the Capitol on Thursday Feb, 24, 2022. (Credit: Glenn Beil)

“FAMU continues to be a wise investment for Florida taxpayers. The University remains an indispensable community partner in the Big Bend region and throughout the State thanks to our main and satellite campuses,” President Larry Robinson, Ph.D., wrote in an op-ed touting the University’s legislative priorities. “The Legislature’s fiscal support is a reaffirmation of the mission and purpose of the ‘College of Love and Charity.’”

Among the University’s legislative priorities:

$15 million recurring funding request for elevating and sustaining student success will help address these issues, which supports the SUS Strategic Priority to increase student success and access; enables FAMU to be more impactful in enhancing the socioeconomic status of first-generation and low-income students; and fulfills critical workforce needs in Florida and across the nation.

$20.4 million for the Chemical and Biological Research Laboratory Center. Funding this priority would enable interdisciplinary research in STEM and health-related disciplines to expand the University’s research infrastructure.

$13.5 million PECO request for renovations on Howard Hall, home of the FAMU ROTC Program. Modernizing the facility would assist in recruiting and producing the next best and brightest to serve in our military.

Continued support of FAMU College of Pharmacy-Peaden Education Campus as it grows in student population and opportunities to fulfill the surrounding community’s needs.