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Training, development and knowledge skill gaps are the fusion that drives and maintains a successful work environment. The goal of Organizational Development & Training (ODT) is to serve as an intellectual repository, providing programs and services to foster learning and development opportunities for all employees.

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It is also the goal of ODT to leverage technology in the delivery of services, systems and tools that will implement and maintain a strategic training and communication plan in support of a comprehensive University-wide training program. Employees will be able to access the necessary functional, professional and basic technology skills to empower the University.

Organizational Development & Training staff have researched, designed and implemented courses based on University employees' departmental job functions and responsibilities. These courses provide employees with the knowledge and skill sets required to maintain an effective work environment. The department offers training in categories such as Basic Technology Skills, Career Development Training, Fiscal Administration, Individual Performance Development, and University-wide Compliance. Please peruse our University Training Catalog to get a better understanding of the courses offered by Organizational Development & Training. Just click on the University Training Catalog link on the left navigation menu.

To ensure that all employees are offered training, courses have been designed to be delivered in a variety of methods, including instructor-led classroom setting, and e-learning. Employees have the convenience of completing e-learning courses online at their office or in the comfort of their home during a 24 hour period, 7-days-a-week.

All employees attending training will be awarded continuing education credits (CEU's) from the Organizational Development & Training department.

The Organizational Development & Training Department maintains a tracking system of employee training, workshops and support sessions to ensure that appropriate personnel in all departments receive training.

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Welcome to Florida A&M University! Our New Employee Orientation program provides important information, such as obtaining benefits, how to gain access to iRattler, Time & Labor, Equal Opportunity Programs, Anti-Hazing, Environmental Health & Safety, and more valuable tools.


Complete the New Employee Orientation (Update Pending)

Once you have watched all presentations, please certify your completion using the NEO Certification Link. If you have any further questions, please contact the NEO Coordinator at

University Training Catalog

  1. Click on the catalog that pertains to your area of work.
  2. The classes are offered both in the form of instructor-led environment and online. The instructor-led courses have their date, time and location next to them. If you wish to take the online class that's in our LCMS (Learning Content Management System), contact the system administrator Bridget Roberts at (850) 412-5145.
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  4. Use this document to complete the Training Registration Form also located on our website.
  5. Enter all the classes you have chosen, including the dates they are offered on the Registration Form.
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  7. Forward the form to Organizational Development and Training using the email address provided on the form.
  8. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact ODT at (850) 412-7997.


Capstone Courses include:


  • Succession Planning
  • Time & Attendance
  • Property & Document Management
  • Compliance & Ethics
  • Human Resources Buisness Process

Workplace Environment Courses include:

  • LGBTQ Awareness
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence for Managers
  • Service Excellence
  • Qualtrics
  • DocuSign
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Adobe

In its role of providing university-wide coordination, facilitation and delivery of human resource training and development activities, the Office of Organizational Development and Training has implemented a Basic Technology Training Program to keep abreast of the continually evolving technological advancements driving today’s business processes.

The program consists of the Microsoft Office Suite and is designed to increase employee effectiveness, make technical collaboration easier and more efficient, and to streamline business processes. Research has shown a direct correlation between the level of office computing skills and an increase in job performance. Therefore, the courses offered through the program help to ensure that employees are knowledgeable of the features and functionality of the system and equipped with the latest and most up-to-date technical skills.

The Basic Technology Training Program curriculum currently consists of the following courses:

Microsoft Office Suite
This training provides basic and unique features in Microsoft Office. It includes the common features in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You will find many useful and intriguing tools to help get your document up to speed with today’s technology.

Microsoft Word
This training provides features in Microsoft Word. You will find many useful and intriguing tools to help get your document up to speed with today’s technology.

Microsoft Excel
This training provides new features in Microsoft Excel. You will find many useful and intriguing tools to help get your document up to speed with today’s technology. Microsoft PowerPoint This training provides new features in Microsoft PowerPoint. You will find many useful and intriguing tools to help get your presentation up to speed with today’s technology.

Microsoft Access
This training provides an introduction to Microsoft Access. It helps participants gain technical skills and knowledge to utilize the tables and queries of Microsoft Access to create and manage databases.

FAMU E-mail System/Protocol
This training provides an introduction to the features of e-mail etiquette. It spotlights the importance of e-mail as a valuable business tool and provides practical tips about e-mail and how to communicate effectively.

Computer Literacy
This course is a broad introduction to the use of computers as tools for creativity, communications and organizing information by teaching the technical fundamentals of computer use. We hope to help you build your skills in researching, storing and retrieving information, making appropriate ethical choices about the use of computers, and using technology to help you learn on your own and pass your new skills on to others.

Adobe Acrobat Professional
This workshop is created to provide employees with hands-on experience within Adobe Professional. The features will allow you to familiarize yourself with Adobe PDF files, their interfaces, menus, toolbars and major functionalities. We’ll use files initiated in Microsoft Word, convert them into PDFs, and create forms within those PDF files. Note: You will need Adobe Professional at your office when you are ready to apply the learned skills from this workshop.

Adobe Photoshop I and II
This training is designed to provide employees opportunities with image editing. This workshop will assist employees with hands-on experience using Adobe PhotoShop and provide an introduction to features within Photoshop. The features may allow you to create, modify and enhance images.

Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Office Publisher is the business publishing program that helps us create, design, and publish professional-looking marketing and communication materials. This course will teach uses how to create materials for print, e-mail, and the Web with an intuitive, task-based environment that guides them from initial concept to final delivery in-house without professional design and production expertise.

Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft SharePoint is a system that connects with employees across the enterprise. This course will help us use SharePoint to engage with people, share ideas and reinvent the way they work together. We'll learn how to share and update documents in an online document library, how to set up users and permissions for security purposes, and how to utilize the full advantage of the system to collaboratively work in groups from remote locations.

Florida A&M University seeks to enhance the educational and technological skills of employees by providing continuous professional development opportunities, for faculty, administrators and staff at all levels. In keeping with this charge, the Office of Organizational Development and Training has researched and implemented a number of Professional Development training courses and workshop sessions. These sessions provide the FAMU workforce with information regarding current trends and technical skill-sets to promote and increase employee job performance. The courses include a variety of subject areas to the specific needs for further skill development of all faculty and staff.

A comprehensive Professional Development Training Program affirms ODT's commitment to the campus community by providing access to top-quality educational opportunities. Instructor led, web-based and individualized programs have been implemented to assist with the development of new skills, enhancement of existing competencies and to explore new career paths.

Courses within the Professional Development Training Program include:

  1. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  2. Customer Service
  3. Conducting Professionalism in the Workplace
  4. Dress for Success
  5. Ethics/Conflicts of Interest
  6. E-mail Etiquette
  7. Fire Safety/Crime Prevention
  8. Hazardous Awareness and Laboratory Safety
  9. New Employee Orientation
  10. Non-Harassment Issues and Consensual Relationships
  11. Stress Management
  12. Telephone Etiquette
  13. Time Management

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* If you require a reasonable accommodation pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Amendment Act (ADAA), please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs at (850) 599-3076 prior to the start of the event.



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