Employee Relations and Records Management


Title Name Phone

HR Leader
Director, Human Resources

Sandi Smith Anderson 850-599-3441

Functional Leader
Assistant Director, Human Resources

Tia Lloyd 850-599-3363

Areas of Responsibility 


  • Performance Management System
  • Workers’ Compensation Program
  • Employee Tuition Reimbursement Program
  • Employee Tuition Waiver Program
  • Resources For Living


  • Provides guidance in the administration of performance evaluations for A&P and USPS employees.
  • Coordinates and manages claims relating to work-related injuries sustained by University employees.
  • Provides confidential counseling services for disciplinary actions and conflict resolution for managers and employees.
  • Provides counseling services for A&P and USPS employees relative to work standards, employee obligations and rights.
  • Provides assistance in administering the provisions of the collective bargaining agreements for USPS employees.
  • Assists in the facilitation of grievances at Step 1 for USPS employees.
  • Administers the tracking and monitoring of the moving expenses covered by the University for employees.
  • Provides guidance and information regarding the Resources for Living Program.
  • Administers the processing, tracking and finalization of settlement and general release agreements. 
  • In partnership with the Office of Communications provide guidance in the administration and execution of Public Records Requests relating to employment records for non-faculty employees.
  • Provides guidance and oversight in maintaining employee criminal background check files.
  • Manages the E-Verify Process.
  • Provides guidance and oversight of official employee personnel files (A&P, USPS and OPS).


Employee Tuition Waiver Pogram / Employee Tuition Reimbursement Program

FAMU Tuition Waiver Program - Spring 2021

Instructions for the Tuition Program

Office of Human Resources
211 Foote Hilyer Admin Center
Walter Leslie - (850) 599-3409
Tia Lloyd - (850) 599-3363
Supriya Ganta - (850) 412-7050

The Office of Human Resources (HR) is accepting applications for FAMU employees' participation in the Employee Tuition Waiver Program and the Employee Tuition Reimbursement Program for the Spring 2021 semester.  Employee eligibility, application procedure and other provisions of each program are provided in the materials attached.  
The registration date(s) for FAMU Non-degree seeking, and FAMU Employee students for Fall 2021 is provided in the University Calendar (Fall 2021)
Please submit the current Employee Tuition Waiver Enrollment Form and the current Employee Tuition Reimbursement Application Form to HR by TBD.  Each form is accessible via our website.
Please note The terms and conditions provided on the Employee Tuition Reimbursement Application Form have been updated to include information relating to the exclusion of any degree program beyond the master’s level.  
Gentle reminders regarding the Tuition Waiver Program are shared below:

Resources For Living (RFL) 

Florida A&M University’s Resources For Living (RFL) provider is AETNA Resources for Living.  RFL provides a 24-hour help line that is available to offer counseling services to faculty, staff (salaried/non- Other Personal Services employees) and their immediate family members, who live in their household (as defined by State Health Insurance Programs) who may need assistance with life, family and financial challenges. 
RFL offers free, short-term counseling services for personal or work- related issues. Total confidentiality is provided to those who call RFL for consultation. A licensed counselor is available 24 hours per day.
Services provided include assistance in the following areas:

Social Development Stress Management

Anxiety and Depression

Legal and Financial Matters

Work-Life Balance

Relationship and Marriage

Child and Elder Care

Education Planning

Substance Abuse

Weight Loss and More…

For more information, you may visit their website at: www.resourcesforliving.com
(Login: FAMU and Password: FAMU) 
For Direct Assistance call 1-800-272-7252
If you have any additional questions regarding the RFL, please contact the Office of Human Resources at (850) 599-3611.

AFSCME Collective Bargaining Agreement 

PBA Collective Bargaining Agreeme