Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment Program is the enrollment of an eligible secondary student or home education student in a FAMU course creditable toward high school completion and an associate or baccalaureate degree (F.S. 1007.27).

The Dual Enrollment Program is the enrollment of an eligible secondary student or home education student in a FAMU course creditable toward high school completion and an associate or baccalaureate degree (F.S. 1007.27).  

Students who are eligible for dual enrollment pursuant to this section may enroll in dual enrollment courses conducted during school hours, after school hours, and during the summer term. However, if the student is projected to graduate from high school before the scheduled completion date of the FAMU course, the student may not register for that course through dual enrollment. Such a student may apply to FAMU and pay the required registration, tuition, and fees if the student meets the admissions requirements under F.S. 1007.263.


  • To be eligible, the student must be currently enrolled in a secondary school. The student must possess a grade point average of 3.0 or better, appropriate test scores on standardized assessment tests (listed below), and be classified as a middle or high school student. Students will be enrolled at no cost to either the student or the district.

  • To remain eligible, the student must obtain a 2.0 grade point average in university course work. Students in public high schools interested in dual enrollment course work should consult their guidance counselor for further

How To Apply


  1. Dual enrolled students are considered non-degree seeking and must complete the Non-Degree Seeking Student Application. No application fee is required. [Student should always check the FAMU Official University Calendar for deadlines – Academic Calendar

  2. Students complete the Dual Enrollment/Early Admission and Request for Waiver of Tuition for High School Students’ forms.
    a. Students should contact their Guidance Counselor for approval before completing application forms.

  3. Students must complete the FAMU Health History & Immunization Record form during
    a. Immunization information must accompany the application or be submitted immediately for the registration process to be complete.  Students placed on immunization hold will not be registered for classes.

  4. High School Counselors forward completed/approved forms and transcript to the Registrar’s office or email to jhori.stallworth@famu.edu.

  5. Once registration is complete, the Registrar representative will email student the following information:
    a. enrollment information,
    b. FAMU ID number
    c. instructions on how to setup iRattler account


Student should contact the IT Service Help Desk at 850-412-HELP for information or questions regarding iRattler account


Courses and Majors

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A full list of dual enrollment courses approved by the Florida Department of Education. PLEASE NOTE: All courses may not be offered each semester.

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A complete list of all academic majors offered at Florida A&M University. Please be sure to follow up with the Academic Advisor for the respective academic program to ensure the most up-to-date curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions


Students should always double check their class schedule in iRattler for accuracy before the first day of class.

If a student is registered for classes and decide not to attend the student must contact their Counselor and the FAMU Registrar representative for cancellation.

Students should contact their counselor and the FAMU Registrar representative for withdrawal assistance.
Returning students complete only the Dual Enrollment /Early Admission and Request for waiver of Tuition for High School Students form for the next term.
Students must meet the necessary course prerequisites in order to register for a course.

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