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Academic Advising

Academic advising is one of the most important aspects of a student’s college experience. A student's advisor can provide valuable assistance beyond choosing courses each semester. 
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Academic Coaching

These support staff are trained in evidence-based strategies to facilitate each session. They work to empower students towards positive behavior change and improved academic performance. 
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Access Summer Bridge (ASB)

This program is designed for underrepresented students who do not meet regular admission criteria, yet still demonstrate potential to succeed in college with guided personal academic assistance. 
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Business & Auxiliary Services

Provides a wide range of services that are both convenient and necessary to students, employees, alumni, and visitors, such as rattler card services, mailing & printing, meal plans, and more!  
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Campus Bookstore

Order books, apparel, supplies and more! We offer a wide variety of goods and services in the University Bookstore for FAMU Employees, Students, Alumni, and friends to enjoy! 
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Career Center

Here you’ll find resources such as blogs, jobs, and events specific to you to help you embrace your career and academic journey, and explore FAMU’s career resources in one central space. 
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Center for Disability Access & Resources

The Center for Disability Access & Resources (CeDAR) provides academic services and accommodations for students on campus with documented physical, psychological and learning disabilities. 
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Developmental Studies

Helps students achieve their academic potential and enhance chances for degree completion by providing courses to improve aptitude in writing, reading and math. 
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Types of Finanacial Aid

Financial Aid

The FAMU Office of Financial Aid is dedicated to making the process of understanding and obtaining financial aid easy for students and parents. 
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Hazing Prevention

Hazing does not define brotherhood, sisterhood, or respect. In addition to being dangerous, hazing is illegal. It is up to us to combat and stop this cruel, demeaning, and degrading practice. 
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Health & Wellbeing

For you to perform your best, you need to feel your best inside and out. And if you’re struggling, we encourage you to reach out to our many on-campus health and wellbeing resources for help. 
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Living On Campus


Living in on-campus housing is a great way to make new friends and find a community. Learn more about our eight residential facilities, and opportunities to join a living learning community. 
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Learning & Tutoring Centers

The USSC Learning Centers are committed to your success and safety, so we have several services students can utilize to maximize their chances of success this semester.  
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The FAMU Libraries hold nearly 2 million volumes, over 155,000 e-books and e-journals, and 256,126 microforms which are readily accessible to users and are sufficient in scope to support both onsite and online programs. 
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Parking & Transportation

The Office of Parking & Transportation has taken proactive measures to ensure that your parking experience while here on the campus of Florida A&M University is both safe and worry-free. 
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Testing Center

The FAMU Test Service Bureau (TSB) administers monitored testing in an environment offering test security, confidentiality, and comfort to all examinees. 
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Victim Advocate Program

The VAP serves as a confidential resource and support service for students who have experienced sexual violence, relationship violence, stalking, hate crimes or any other traumatic victimization. 
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