Repeat Course Surcharge


Beginning fall semester 1997, a student enrolled in the same undergraduate college credit course more than two times shall be assessed a repeat course surcharge equal to 100 percent of the full cost of instruction and shall not be included in calculations of full-time equivalent enrollments for state funding purposes (240.124 F.S.). The purpose of this surcharge is to encourage students to pass the course during the first two attempts and to prevent students from repeating courses unnecessarily

Calculations of the full cost of instruction shall be based on the system wide average of the prior year's cost of undergraduate programs for the Florida College System and the State University System. The University may make exceptions for individualized study, elective coursework, courses that are repeated as a requirement of a major (i.e. courses that are designed to be repeated with departmental authorization/permission.), and courses that are intended as continuing over multiple semesters. The repeat of coursework more than two times to increase grade point average or meet minimum course grade requirements is excluded.

Exception include;

  • Any course(s) taken or repeated prior to Fall 1997
  • Courses identified as repeatable (to the limit allowed)
  • Courses designed to take multiple semesters to complete
  • Withdrawals or dropped courses that do not result in fee payment

Students may appeal the fee if extenuating circumstances or severe financial hardship exists. Extenuating circumstances are those determined to be exceptional and beyond the control of the student. These include serious illness or medical conditions preventing course completion, death of an immediate family member, etc. Severe financial hardships are also those determined to be exceptional and beyond the control of the student such as bankruptcy, loss of income, documented qualification for federal need-based aid, etc. A student is liable for paying all surcharge fee(s) associated with repeated courses along with their regular tuition on or before the term’s deadline date. After the Repeat Course Surcharge Committee meets to determine the outcome of your appeal, the repeat surcharge fee is refunded back into the student’s FAMU account, if approved.