University & Course Withdrawals


University and Course Withdrawals

Withdrawal from the University
(Regulation of Florida A&M University 2.007)

  1. A student who desires to voluntarily withdraw from the University must report to his or her assigned academic advisor and explain the circumstances which he/she feels necessitates the withdrawal. If the request is approved, a Request for Withdrawal Form (Official University Withdrawal Form), which is incorporated herein by this reference, will be completed and signed by the student, academic advisor, academic department chair and academic dean. The Withdrawal forms are available at the student’s Student Center (iRattler) or the Registrar website
  2. Once the voluntary withdrawal process has been initiated, the student is required to complete the Housing and Rattler Card Office cancellation  forms. The student must relinquish all residence hall keys to the Residence Hall Director and his/her meal plan card to the Office of Auxiliary  Services after completing the appropriate cancellation forms. The withdrawal form must then be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Academic advisors should also refer students to the Office of Financial Aid for an exit interview if the student receives Financial Aid.
  3. No student will be permitted to file a Withdrawal Form within the last five weeks of the semester without receiving failing grades, unless unusual circumstances, as determined by the University Withdrawal Committee, are established.
  4. Any student who voluntarily withdraws from the University during the registration or late registration period will not receive grades at the end of the semester. Those who officially withdraw after the last day to register will receive a grade of “W” at the end of the semester. A grade of “WF” for each course will be assigned to any student who leaves the University without filing the Withdrawal Form with the University Registrar.
  5. Advisors should refer students to Counseling Services for post-enrollment treatment if the student shows evidence of distress.

Withdrawal from a course(s)

A student may withdraw from a course, some, or all of their classes during the add/drop period. Courses dropped during this period do not appear on a student’s transcript and no grades are assigned to such courses.  A grade of “W” will appear on a student’s transcript, class roster, and grade roster for all courses from which a student withdrew.  Withdrawal from a course must be accomplished prior to the published deadline. There is no refund of fees for withdrawn courses. Effective fall 2015, students are not permitted to withdraw from more than five (5) courses throughout their undergraduate career at the university. This excludes retroactive term withdrawals. The withdrawal limit only applies to courses taken fall 2015 or later.  Course withdrawals processed prior to fall 2015 do not count toward the limit.  Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor to discuss the possible impact of the withdrawal prior to initiating the process.
Students who miss the published deadline for withdrawal should petition the Academic Appeals Committee for retroactive course withdrawal no later than the end of the next semester. The Academic Appeals Committee department representative will forward the student’s petition to the Academic Appeals Committee for consideration

Involuntary Withdrawal - Please see Regulation 2.007 (

University Withdrawal Committee- Students may petition the University Withdrawal Committee for a retroactive (after the published term withdrawal deadline) term withdrawal based on documented circumstances beyond the student’s control within 12 months after the end of the term for which the withdrawal is sought. Students seeking retroactive course withdrawal should report to the Registrar’s Office for further direction. Students should be aware that requests for withdrawal and retroactive term withdrawals will negatively impact the award of current and future financial aid as well as enrollment status for the affected term. Additionally, withdrawals are considered attempts and may incur excess credit surcharges. Please see Excess Credit Hours information elsewhere in this publication.