Course Forgiveness Policy


An undergraduate student may improve his/her grade point average at Florida A&M University by repeating an undergraduate course (1000-4999 level).  Only the grade and grade points received in the final attempt shall be used in computing the student’s cumulative grade point average.  A student must petition to have this policy applied.  Only three such requests are available to the student during the student’s undergraduate career.   A student may apply the forgiveness policy to the same course up to the limit of three times or apply the forgiveness policy to three different courses. Under extenuating circumstances, with compelling justification, a student’s academic Dean may recommend an exception (limited to two additional attempts).  All grades earned after exceeding the repeat limits will be used in computing the student’s cumulative grade point average.  All attempts for a given course and all grades will remain on the student’s transcript.  Excess hours are calculated on all attempted hours, including those for which the grade is forgiven.

In accordance with accreditation requirements, FAMU-FSU College of Engineering does not allow grade forgiveness and therefore the policy cannot be applied to engineering students. This also pertains to students who change majors to the College of Engineering.

The forgiveness policy cannot be applied for students;

-         In Pharmacy during professional years

-        Taking courses with numbers 5000-8999 (graduate level courses)

-        After the degree has been conferred. 

(See Graduate handbook for graduate student forgiveness policy).