FAMU Homecoming: It's Not Just An Event; It's An Experience

Where Rattler Dreams Begin, Memories Flourish, and 'FAMUly' Thrives

For many, homecoming is the moment we first realized we were destined to become future Rattlers.

For others, it's a cherished opportunity to stroll down memory lane, reliving the glory days on campus.

Yet, for every single one of us, it's an exhilarating, unmissable experience, brimming with happiness, camaraderie, dancing, and that unmistakable 'FAMUly' spirit.

FAMU Homecoming 2023

Florida A&M University Official 2023 Homecoming Parade Registration

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  • One of the highlights of FAMU's homecoming is the parade, which features marching bands, floats, alumni groups, and various student organizations.

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‘GMA’ celebrates homecoming traditions at Florida A&M University. A Rattler homecoming is the ultimate reunion for FAMU alumni and students, with an action-packed week of events, great food and much more.

Rattlers Are Not New To This!

  • Note side of float reads, "Psychedelic dream of a fallen wolverine"[mascot of rival football team].  Students working on the float include: Carole Dennard, Barbara Duncan, Gertrude Peoples, Sharon McCloud and Helen Polite
    Float being made for the FAMU homecoming parade Photographed on October 13, 1967.
  • Florida A&M University boasts a storied history and a deep-rooted tradition of homecoming that spans generations.

    For decades, FAMU Homecoming has been a dynamic celebration of our university's legacy and the enduring bond shared by Rattlers past and present

    Slither into FAMU's Homecoming History!

Homecoming is a vibrant week-long celebration filled with a variety of events and activities, some of which are:

  • Concerts and Performances: Homecoming often features concerts and live performances by popular artists and musicians. These events can be a major draw for both students and alumni.
  • Fashion Shows: Some years, there are fashion shows featuring the latest trends and designs, often organized by student groups.
  • Football Game: The homecoming football game is a major attraction. FAMU's football team, the Rattlers, typically plays a high-profile game against a conference rival or another
  • Step Shows: FAMU has a strong tradition of Greek life, and the Greek- step show is a showcase of the precision and creativity of the university's fraternities and sororities. The "Housing Step Show" is student-organized event where residents of particular residence halls on campus can also display their talents and abilities.
  • The Coronation Ceremony: During the ceremony, the newly selected royal court members are formally introduced. It's common for former members of the royal court, who held their positions in the previous year, to be involved in the process of crowning the new members. This passing of the crown symbolizes the continuation of school spirit and leadership.
  • The Parade: One of the highlights of FAMU's homecoming is the parade, which features marching bands, floats, alumni groups, and various student organizations.
  •  And Many More!