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   Angela Blount
M.S., Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Email: Angela.Blount@famu.edu
Office: MS Thomas, Suite 100

As the coordinator of academic coaching, Mrs. Blount takes an integrative approach that focuses on the student’s intrinsic motivation and interest in change. Mrs. Blount received her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  With over 19 years of experience working in higher education, Mrs. Blount recognizes the importance of meeting students where they are in their academic journey.  Mrs. Blount believes that each student has a purpose and she actively empowers them to frame goals in a practical and attainable fashion.  Mrs. Blount’s sessions are empowering, engaging and humorous. The goal of each session is to help students navigate obstacles and maintain motivation towards their goals.
   Johnny Darrisaw
M.S., Sports Management  
Office: 659 Ardelia Court

Johnny C. Darrisaw II is an Academic Coach within the Undergraduate Student Success Center.  Mr. Darrisaw received his MS degree in Sport Management and BA degree in English from FAMU and FSU, respectively. His daily objective is to align with the Florida Board of Governors’ performance-based funding metrics and the university’s strategic priorities in order to increase retention and graduation. Compassionately empowering students to make positive life choices and adopt consistent behaviors, he aims to guide his students on a path to academic success. With over a decade of professional experience in higher education, he will continue to foster and cultivate relationships on and off campus in order to effectuate matriculation and career development.
   Chan-Erica Feacher
M.S., Public Administration
Email: Chanerica.Feacher@famu.edu
Office Location: Gore Education Complex, room C215

Chan-Erica Feacher is an Academic Coach in the Undergraduate Student Success Center.  Ms. Feacher received her master’s degree in Public Administration from Florida A&M University and bachelor’s in Political Science from Florida Gulf Coast University. As an Academic Coach, Ms. Feacher strives to be an accountability partner for students and through their meetings she empowers them to advocate for themselves. Ms. Feacher also encourages students to identify their strengths and overcome their obstacles whether it be academically or socially.
     Kenya Floyd
M.S., Entertainment Business 
Email: Kenya.Floyd@famu.edu
Office Location: MS Thomas, Suite 100

Kenya Floyd is an academic coach in the Undergraduate Student Success Center. Mr. Floyd has enjoyed a 16-year career in both K-12 and higher education. Kenya has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Edward Waters College and a master’s degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. While in college Mr. Floyd worked with the Big Brother’s Program, Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation, Education for Black Males, Black Male College Explores, and Upward Bound program. Additionally, Mr. Floyd has over 6 years of experience working in entertainment and business. Kenya’s experiences include contract writing, negotiating, tour managing, budgeting, branding, and business startup. Mr. Floyd’s goal as an academic coach is to understand the needs of each student and empower them to make the best decisions while in college.
     Ebony Greene
M.S.W, Social Work 
Email: Ebony.Greene@famu.edu
Office Location: MS Thomas, Suite 100

Ebony Greene is an academic coach in the Undergraduate Student Success Center.  Ms. Ebony Greene is a proud alumna of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Social Work. She also possesses multiple years of experience in providing human and social services to children and families across the state of Florida. Ms. Greene is committed to the wholistic enhancement of students across the University. It is her belief that in addition to obtaining an academic and professional skillset, students must also receive sustainable life management skills.
     Nia Henderson
M.S., Counselors Education
Email: Nia.Henderson@famu.edu
Office: Gore Education Complex, Room C214

Nia Henderson is an Academic Coach in the Undergraduate Student Success Center and a two-time graduate of the illustrious university Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Ms. Henderson earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the School of Business & Industry (SBI) and my master’s degree in Counselors Education from the College of Education. Ms. Henderson believes the best part of being an Academic Coach is providing professional insight, and tangible/intangible resources that can allow students to create their own version of success.
     Dr. Patrick Joseph
Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a concentration in Medicinal Chemistry
Email: Patrick.Joseph@famu.edu
Office:Gore Education Complex, Room C215
Dr. Patrick Joseph is an Academic Coach in the Undergraduate Success Center.  Dr. Joseph received his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a concentration in Medicinal Chemistry from Florida A&M University.  His overall goal is to encourage students to adopt and continually practice positive and transformative life skills that will empower them to thrive socially, academically, and professionally in college and beyond.  Moreover, given his background in the sciences, Dr. Joseph can assist students who are struggling in mathematics and in the sciences in developing a structured plan in order to improve their academic performance
    Karen Mitchell
B.S., Political Science and Foreign Languages
Email: Karena.Mitchell@famu.edu
Office: Gore Education Complex, Room C212

Karen Mitchell is an Academic Coach in the Undergraduate Student Success Center.  Ms. Mitchell majored in Political Science and minored in Romance Languages, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian. Ms. Mitchell has been working in academia for seventeen years and served as a Coordinator in International Education, Academic Advisor and now Academic Coach.  Ms. Mitchell’s goal as coach is to see students of all majors be well emotionally and physically and last but not least use the tutoring and counseling resources available to enhance their wellness and academic skills.
     Michelle Ross
M.S. Psychology; Ed.S., Educational Leadership
Email: Michelle.Ross@famu.edu
Office: MS Thomas, Suite 100

Michelle Ross is an Academic Coach in the Undergraduate Student Success Center. Mrs. Ross is a native of Alabama.  Ms. Ross has 20 years in the education field including eight years in higher education.  Her upper level education experiences include working as a GED instructor, educational advisor, psychology instructor, and reading literacy tutor. She also has over 10 years in the mental health field working as a clinical mental health therapist and certified case manager.  Ms. Ross’ overall goal in higher education is to raise the bar of aiding students in accomplishing their career aspirations and establishing goal reaching and success plans.  Being an academic coach will allow Ms. Ross to help students finishing what they start without ceasing. Ms. Ross continues to be a tenacious and lifelong learner and encourages students to rise above the challenges to get the tassel.

Amanda Williams
M.S. Public Administration
Email: amanda.williams@famu.edu
Office: 659 Ardelia Court, Room 119

Amanda Williams is an academic coach in the Undergraduate Student Success Center. Ms. Williams has a bachelor's in English and master's in Public Administration from Florida A&M University. Ms. Williams has a background in tutoring students in English, student residence life, compliance, and education and employment training. Ms. Williams believes that every student can succeed given the the right encouragement and support. It is her goal to empower students to use critical thinking skills in everyday practices to achieve a positive end result in academica and and in life

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