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FAMU prioritizes the safety of our stakeholders and continues to maintain flexibility in its operations. We remain open for business. What has changed is the mode of delivery for our essential academic and operational services. We will continue to work remotely until further notice.
To contact the Undergraduate Student Success Center, please email studentsuccess@famu.edu.
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Refer a Student through the CARE Network

What is the CARE Network?

The CARE Network Report System is an efficient tool that allows administration, faculty, and staff submit reports when they believe a student will benefit from extra academic assistance. The reports are submitted through this link (https://famu-insight.symplicity.com/care_report/) and are routed to the student's advisor(s) and academic coaches.

When should I refer a student to the CARE Network?

Administration, faculty, and staff may report a student using this link for the following concerns:
•    At-Risk To Fail Course
•    Class Attendance
•    Class Participation
•    Concerns About Motivation
•    Disruptive / Unusual Behavior
•    Financial Concerns
•    Missing / Late Assignments
•    Needs Assistance Building Quantitative Skills
•    Needs Assistance Building Study Skills
•    Needs Assistance Building Writing Skills
•    Other Academic Concern
•    Poor Assignment / Test Grade

How do I refer a student?

There are two options for referring a student:
  1. Anyone may access the Online CARE Network Form. You should receive a response within 5 business days.
  2. If you have access to the Symplicity portal, you can click CARE Reports and “Add New CARE Report.”

Critical Reporting Timeframes

There are 3 critical periods in the semester when instructors may want to consider referring their students:

Weeks 3-4:

By week three, students have settled into their classes and began forming habits. If an instructor notices a student could use some assistance in building particular academic skills, this may be a good time to remind them of the resources that are offered on campus such as the learning centers. Send a CARE Report, which will be routed to their academic coach who can give them detailed information about their options.

Weeks 5-6

Often, midterm week will determine how a student will approach test preparation and study practices. If you sense a student may not have the tools needed to prepare for the midterm, this would be a good reason to send a CARE Report, so their academic coach can help them create a study plan.

Weeks 10-11

By this time, instructors will have great indicators as to how a student may do in their course. This is an excellent time to submit a CARE Report on behalf of students who may need a little more assistance.

FERPA Policy

Please note that the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) explicitly allows university officials the right to share data with other university officials, without the student’s permission, when there is legitimate educational interest, e.g., performing their official job functions.

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