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Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What is academic coaching?
Academic coaching is a partnership between an academic coach and a student.  Academic coaching helps students to assess their strengths, needs, and perceived barriers to success.  Our Academic coaches at Florida A&M University help students to cultivate good study habits, develop effective time management skills, and create academic goals that will help them to win the game.
2.     What is the difference between academic coaching & academic advising?
Academic advisors help students to navigate the degree process.  Advisors help students with course selection and registration, monitor curriculum progress, change of majors, and graduation requirements.  Academic Coaching is designed to help students maximize their college experience and reach their goals. Academic coaches help students develop critical thinking and academic skills while facilitating a goal-setting process to support student’s personal and academic development. 

3.     Do I have to be a full-time student to receive academic coaching?
No, our academic coaches at Florida A&M University meet with students enrolled in any number of credits.

4.     Is academic coaching available during the summer?
Academic coaches are available at no cost year-round.

5.     Which topics will be covered in a session?
Any array of topics can be covered depending on your concerns. The commonly discussed topics covered in an academic coaching session include: time management, procrastination, goal-setting, and campus resources to name a few. 

6.     I always do well in my classes. How can academic coaching help me?
Academic coaching can help you to stay accountable, create academic and personal goals, and receive continued encouragement and support.

7.     What are the requirements to receive an academic coach?
You must be a student attending Florida A&M University.

8.     How often are academic coaching meetings?
Academic coaches typically meet with students on a bi-weekly basis.  

9.     Does coaching require a long-term commitment?
If a student is voluntarily seeking academic coaching, they are not required to meet a particular number of times. We allow students to create their own plan of action and discuss the number of appointments desired based on goals.

10.  Are academic coaching session in person or online?
Academic coaching sessions are offered on campus and online via ZOOM.

11.  How do I schedule an appointment?
To schedule an appointment with an academic coach, complete the referral form: http://famu.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0wEqgw9Eqk8bYfH

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