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Request for Foreign Travel Process

Request for Foreign Travel (RFT) should be submitted to OIED a minimum of 35-40 days in
advanced to ensure all parties have adequate time to sign the documentation and return it.
  • RFT Signature Process: Dean (of the college/school of traveler), International Education/Programs, Provost, and President. Once all signatures are received and the documentation is returned to International Education the travel representative and/or traveler will be informed that their documentation is ready for pick up.
  • RFT Document Completion: When completing your RFT, make sure all information is typed, including names of the individuals who need to sign the paperwork.
  •  All individuals traveling abroad for any reason must submit a Request for Travel.
    • Examples: 
      • Conferences, research, etc.
      • Faculty-led programs with students from the same department (responsibility of travel representative in the department to complete and submit Request for Foreign Travel for each traveler)
      • Study Abroad programs (completed by Aleksandra Benedict, Study Abroad Coordinator).
      • Faculty-led programming with students from different departments (completed by Aleksandra Benedict, Study Abroad Coordinator or travel representative for faculty member leading the trip). 
  • It is the responsibility of the traveler to create a profile and complete their International SOS registration, unless a different procedure is established by the department. All travelers must create a profile and enter their information in International SOS before OIED will process their RFT.
  • All request for foreign travel will remain in OIED until traveler has registered their trip and a confirmation has been received by OIED

Reference Documents

International SOS and Request For Foreign Travel Policy Process

Request for Foreign Travel Document

Faculty and Staff International SOS Registration

Student International SOS registration

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