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Parent Testimonial

Parent's name:

Ericka Kirkland

Childs name:

Ashlyn Ford

Country (or countries) your child studied in:. Homeschool in Gunsan, South Korea while

teaching abroad and Yonsei University as a study abroad student.


Name of program(s) and study abroad provider(s): CIEE

Your childs classification when he or she studied abroad: Junior (study abroad) and

Postgraduate (teach abroad)


Please describe your feelings when your child expressed his or her interest in studying


I was both surprised and apprehensive given the current state of Government affairs between

countries at the time. But those feelings were soon replaced with awe and inspiration. Proud of the fact that she wanted to think and live outside the realm of normal student engagement and had the courage to explore the many unknown of other cultures and find where commonalities may exist.


Please explain your childs growth during and upon his or her return from studying


Her love for travel, food, culture, kimchee, kpop, and a desire to be a representative of our culture and ambassador for change has grown exponentially. Over her collegiate career as both student and teacher, she has travelled to many cities within South Korea, China, Indonesia, Japan, and Mo'orea. All of which have afforded her the opportunity to expand her worldview, as well as, given her the opportunity to make lifelong connections and friendships. She also served as a beautiful muse for Mr. as I completed my MS degree in Education focusing on professional growth and development. See details of her teach abroad experiences below:

Assessment and Evaluation:


Reflection of her experiences:


She will always be my muse and I am so very proud of my little girl. I believe more than ever

that the experiences she has had and continues to have will help her grow into her purpose.

What advice would you give to families who are apprehensive about their child studying abroad?

Have faith.

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