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Q: Why study abroad? 
A: Studying abroad can be one of the greatest opportunities a student ever experiences. Studying internationally gives students insight into different cultures and also allows for unique networking opportunities. By entering into a completely new environment, you get the chance to develop integral life skills in a beautiful new place with a culture just begging you to experience it. 

Q: How can I study abroad? 
A: You can spend a semester at one of our exchange partner universities abroad, or you could use a third-party provider. 

Q: How does the exchange work? 
A: FAMU students pay their tuition cost at FAMU and pay for housing, study materials, and other expenses at a host university. 

Q: Which universities are the exchange partners? 
A: See 'FAMU Partners and Benefits' Learning Content on your advising application page. 

Q: Who is the third-party provider? 
A: A third-party provider (or program provider) is an organization that provides study abroad, international internships, and service-learning programs to U.S. students. It helps students with the application process, choosing and enrolling in appropriate courses, organizes housing, cultural activities, trips, and more; it provides international health insurance, visas, onsite support, pre-departure orientation, and other services. We work with the providers that offer scholarships and grants to FAMU students to help with the cost of their catalog programs. For instance: CIEE offers FAMU students up to $6500 off semester programs. IES abroad gives an automatic $2000 Public Institution Grant and $2000 HBCU Grant for their semester programs. Visit providers’ websites to see what scholarships are available and what you are eligible for. When you apply for study abroad programs through third-party providers, make sure to fill out their scholarship form. 

Q: Can I get scholarships from different providers and apply them to one program? 
A: No, third-party providers offer scholarships and grants to help with the cost of their catalogs' programs. Ex: CIEE grant must be applied toward CIEE study abroad program. 

Q: Where can I go? 
A: There are programs are offered in more than 60 countries around the world. A large number of the programs are major-specific. Business majors have almost no limitations, where psychology or chemical engineering majors have less options. STEM majors are advised to go to English speaking countries for strong academic programs, or do an internship in other locations. In any case, we will find you a study abroad program that will fit your academic and career goals. The type of experience you have during your time abroad will vary hugely depending on where you go, so make sure to pick a study destination based on your own personal interests as well and the university’s academic reputation, in order to keep a healthy work/play balance. 

Q: Do I have to take courses abroad or can I do an internship? 
A: You can take courses abroad, do an internship, or service learning. The study abroad program (whether it is an internship, volunteering, or service learning) must be for-credit and must count toward your degree. The international internships are usually non-paid, but they are focused on developing your soft skills, research methods, and work ethics. You will be given responsibilities and will be expected to contribute ideas, solve problems, do research. 

Q: Is study abroad free? 
A: Usually no, but there are fully-funded programs available, such as RISE Germany, an 8-week summer internship, where you will be paired up with a local PhD student whom you will be assisting with his/her project, or Critical Language Scholarship, a 6-8-week summer program to study an underrepresented language. 

Q: Do you offer any scholarships? 
A: OIED does not offer any scholarships at this time, but there are scholarship opportunities available that give preference to students who attend public universities or/and HBCUs, underrepresented students and students who express financial need. Ex: Gilman Scholarship is only available for Pell Grant recipients. 48% of their awardees are First Generation College students and 72% are Minority students. 92% of Fund for Education Abroad awardees are Minority students. Boren Awards is looking for historically underrepresented students who are passionate about careers with U.S. Department of State. OIED will assist you with every step of the scholarship application process. We will be sending out emails with information about scholarships and will be holding info-sessions and scholarship essay workshops. See our Funding for Education Abroad page for more information. Make sure to check the home page for currently open scholarship applications. 

Q: How long do study abroad programs take? 
A: The length of time you spend studying abroad will depend on the program and term your looking to attend. Programs can range from as short as four to six weeks during the summer, to full spring/fall semester programs. There are even programs that last for a year or more. It all depends on what’s best for you. 

Q: Where will I stay? 
A: Your exact housing situation depends largely on the program you pick. You will either get the option to stay in a homestay, where you live with a host family from your chosen area of study, or in an apartment/ student dorm. Homestays usually include at least two meals, whereas you would be responsible for your own groceries in an apartment setting. 

Q: Do I have to speak a second language to study abroad? 
A: This largely depends on the country you wish to study in, and the language your courses will be taught in. Usually, the student is enrolled in a course in the national language as a part of the program any way. This is to give our students the basics in terms of being able to participate verbally in the culture around them instead of just a spectator in a foreign country.

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