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Faculty-Led Off Campus and
Study Abroad Program Guidelines


Faculty-Led Summer and Spring Break Programs

The Office of International Education and Development provides
administrative and logistical support to faculty for spring break
and summer programs.  These programs are designed to offer
academic experiences abroad for FAMU students, and provide
an opportunity to infuse an international perspective into specific
courses.  Experience shows that because of the leadership and
advocacy of faculty members, these programs may attract
students who are less likely to choose traditional study abroad
programs.  These guidelines were established based on best
practices in the field of education abroad.   They are designed
to insure the health and safety of students and participating faculty
and staff. 

All faculty-led programs at FAMU must follow the guidelines below
and proposals must be submitted through the Office of International Education and Development. The Assistant Vice President for International Education or the Provost may make exceptions
to these guidelines if a compelling educational reason can be made. 

If you would like to submit paperwork for a
Faculty-Led Program click this link

This page was revised in May 2018

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