Classification and Compensation

Class Spec Manager
Getting started with the Employment, Reclassification and Appointment Processes

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Areas of Responsibility:

Classification and Compensation

  • Maintains Class Specifications for A&P and USPS class titles.
  • Establishes and Classifies A&P and USPS positions.
  • Maintains Position Descriptions for Faculty, A&P and USPS positions.
  • Conducts Position Reviews for A&P and USPS positions to ensure appropriate classification upon management's request.
  • Maintains  competitive information  for Pay Levels (Pay Grades) for A&P and USPS positions.
  • Maintains exempt and nonexempt USPS class titles listing.
  • Maintains Website, University Regulations and Procedures governing Classification and Compensation.
  • Provides compensation consultation for A&P and USPS positions upon managements request.