Test Service Bureau
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* Exams lasting more than two hours in length may be assessed an additional fee
* Valid government ID is required
* Audio and Video surveillance facility

PROHIBITED ITEMS:  (lockers are provided free of charge)

DO NOT BRING or use items listed below, as they are not allowed in the testing center (listed below)
·    Hats, hoodies, coats & jackets not being worn, scarves, sunglasses (unless religious in nature)
·    Smartwatches, wallets, keys
·    Electronic peripherals, cell phones, Bluetooth devices, MP3 players, earphones/headsets  or accessories not medically necessary.
·    Mechanical pencils, pens, highlighters, scratch paper, pamphlets (Testing Center provides all materials needed)

Pre-Approved items may be allowed in the Testing Room with advanced notification
·    Calculators
·    Laptops, tablets
·    Books or notes
·    Food or drink (medical necessity)

Walk-ins may not be guaranteed space and seating for testing.


Contact Info

1610 S. MLK BLVD

P: 850.599.3333
F: 850.599.8733

E: famutesting@famu.edu