Test Service Bureau

A range of scanning services are available for your reporting needs. To find out more about additional options and the scanning process, select from these categories (listed below):

Exam - Answer sheets
Research - Survey forms
Analysis & reporting
Submitting a Service Request Form
Turnaround time
Scan form design

Exam answer sheets

Four (4) General Purpose Answer Sheets are available for pencil-and-paper assessments:

5 Option 120 Question Form —5 possible choices per question
5 Option 200 Question Form —5 possible choices per question
10 Option 120 Question Form —10 possible choices per question
10 Option 120 Question Form —10 possible choices per question (ID bubble field only, no Name field)

General Purpose forms and scanning are intended for FAMU instructor lead courses.  Scanning and instrument consultant services have been provided to faculty, graduate students, and administration.  (Provision based on Availability)  Click here for POC
Survey & Evaluation forms

Forms — generic and custom — are available to conduct surveys:

General Purpose Survey Form — General Purpose Form with up to 200 questions allowing up to 5 or 10 Option Form.
5, and 10 Option Forms — See Exam answer sheets and scanning for details.
Custom Survey Form — Contact Test Service Bureau regarding specific design.

Grading and Item Analysis

101 - Student Statistics Report - Displays statistical data of student performance.  Lists name, ID, correct, incorrect, & omit.  (Printed by DEFAULT)
103 - Class Frequency Distribution Report - Illustrates the dispersion of students over the selected grading scale.  Shows grades, scores and frequency of each grade.
104 - Test Statistics Report - Displays overall test statistics and each defined learning objective.  Displays mean, variance, confidence intervals, test reliability, Kuder-Richardson.
105 - Student Response Report – Displays a matrix of students and their responses
106 - Condensed Test Report – Displays a condensed statistical analysis of each question on the test (condensed breakdown email only).
207 - Test Item Statistics Report - Displays descriptive statistics for each question.  Reliability: Point Biserial, P-value, # correct, # incorrect.
ID Only upon request

Data Request

Instructors may request PDF reports of Item Analysis and Test Report.
Scanned data of responses to every question.
Data Transfer one of 25 various file formats.


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P: 850.599.3333
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E: famutesting@famu.edu