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Medical Records & Confidentiality

Medical Records
Students may request a copy of their medical records for themselves or to be sent to another medical provider.  You can find an Authorization for Release of Information form below.  Contact the Office Manager at 850-599-3777 for more information.

If you have a chronic illness or need follow up care for a recent injury or surgery, please request that your current health care provider send us a a copy of your records or at a minimum a treatment summary that includes your medication history.  This information may be faxed to the clinic (850-412-5643) or brought with you to your first clinic visit.

Treatment records for students age 18 and older is confidential information and is maintained according to state and federal laws.  Disclosure of information, including patient status, date and time or nature of visit requires written consent from the student, except in cases of emergency or as required by law.  Consent and authorization to release information must be specific about what information is to be released and to whom.  Without consent, information cannot be released to anyone, including parents, friends, instructors, or other persons.  If you have concerns about the confidentiality of your records and information, please contact the Student Health Services Director at 850-599-3777.

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