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First-Year Experience Themed Learning Community

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Which learning community is right for me?

To make this decision, you need to decide what you want to get out of a learning community. Most freshmen themed learning communities include at least two to three common academic courses that you take with a cohort of students who have the same interest. These communities furnish an opportunity to connect with students from many different educational backgrounds who share some common interests with you. Each learning community profile will explain the eligibility requirements and courses associated, when applicable, to help you decide. You can also contact the Office of Freshmen Studies if you have specific questions about what learning community would be right for you! Your academic advisor can also help you determine your eligibility for specific learning communities.

2.    Will a learning community narrow my FAMU experience?

Not at all! In most cases, you will be enrolled in at least two to three courses outside of the learning community, which will give you opportunities to interact with many other students. Your learning community will build a strong foundation for you, which will positively affect all your experiences at FAMU.

3.    Is there is a residential component to the Freshmen Themed Learning Community

No.  Students can participate in Freshmen Themed Learning Communities no matter which residential hall they choose.  Students only must meet the learning community criteria and apply by the deadline.

4.    Am I automatically admitted to a learning community if I send in my application?

Placement in a learning community is determined by a comprehensive review of all applications to create optimal learning environments for each learning community. The learning community placement criteria include elements such as the FAMU college, school, major or program to which you are admitted or enrolled, and space availability. While you can list multiple options on your learning community’s application to increase your likelihood of ultimately being enrolled in a learning community, you should only list options for which you have serious interest. If you are interested in only one community, list that community only. Space is limited. Applying does not guarantee placement in a learning community.

5.    What co-curricular activities are required if I join a freshman themed learning community?

In some cases, activities are required as they relate to in-class coursework, such as attending a play and reflecting on it in a paper. Others may be purely social, like a pizza party, or even a casual study break with snacks, and your participation in these types of events is often voluntary, but strongly encouraged. The purpose of co-curricular activities is to get you quickly connected to your academic peers, faculty, and staff, as well as the overall campus community.

6.    What are the expectations for students living in FYE Themed Learning Community?

Learning Communities provide an environment where students will uniquely approach a topic with a group of students who share their interests. Students can select a topic that mirrors their major, or one entirely different to round out their educational experiences at FAMU. The success of a Learning Community depends on the active and positive participation of students who choose to participate.

Students living in an FYE Themed Learning community are required to take a course cluster together in the Fall and Spring semester. Also, students may be required to serve on committees within their community and participate in events, activities, or field trips.

Learning Communities provide a fun way to learn, make close friends, network with people, and participate in programs and opportunities across campus and beyond!

7.    How much of a time commitment will an FYE Themed Learning Community require?

Students devote time to taking a course cluster together, and they participate in events, activities, and field trips throughout the year. Students may also serve on committees in their community (such as the Public Relations Committee, Social Committee, etc.) or complete service-learning activities. Some events are required, and others are optional. You will still find time to commit to your academic studies, to hold down a job, to pursue other interests, and to have fun!

8.    When will I be notified whether I have been accepted into a Living & Learning Community?

Those who apply by June 26, 2020, will be notified by July 10, 2020.

9.    Do I still apply for housing?

Yes, you should apply for housing as soon as you are accepted into FAMU.  However, the FYE Themed Learning Communities do not require that you live in one particular resident hall.

10.    Who do I contact for more information?

Contact Lawrence D. Brown, Sr.  First-Year Experience Coordinator at (850) 412-5917 or lawrence.brown@famu.edu.


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