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Developmental Studies

The Developmental Studies Department helps students achieve their academic potential and enhance their chances for degree completion by providing courses to improve academic aptitude in writing, reading and mathematics. Developmental studies includes but is not limited to a) coursework, b) academic advisement, c) all forms of learning assistance such as tutoring, mentoring, and supplemental instruction, and d) personal, academic, and career counseling. Developmental studies is aware of and attentive to individual uniqueness and special needs among learners.

Developmental Studies Placement

Students are placed in developmental courses based on test scores earned on standardized assessments such as ACT, SAT, PERT, and ACCUPLACER. Students are then placed into developmental courses at the appropriate level indicated by the scores earned on the placement tests. Students must register for developmental courses each term until all required courses are successfully completed. Students enrolled in developmental studies courses may enroll in college level courses concurrently, if they meet the course prerequisites.

Developmental courses are designed to provide students with basic skills needed to achieve success in college-level courses. Students earn a grade of Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U); a grade of “S” must be earned to pass the course. Courses are zero (0) credits and do not apply toward the academic program of study, do not transfer to other institutions, and grades earned do not calculate as part of the GPA shown on transcripts.

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