Undergraduate Student Success Center
Career Development Advisor

Jessica Allen
Career Center in The Commons

Jessica Allen is FAMUs Career Development Advisor. Her main goal is to give students information and support in developing a career pathway. She and her team assist students in choosing  a major they are interested  and skilled in which avoids major changes and uncertainty. Allen can be found in the FAMU career center located at 100 Student Union plaza building 1676. She and her team have conducted advisement on "Set Friday" and currently collaborate with academic counselors at FAMU to help engage more students to use the Career Center and its resources, as they as they matriculate through their degree programs.  The Career Center offers a range of services to students such as career advisement, mock interviews, professional development workshops, and career fairs.

Contact Info

501 Orr Drive
Gore Education Complex- C 214
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

P: 850-412-7994
F: 850-412-5952

E: Studentsuccess@famu.edu