Office of the University Ombuds



What does an Ombuds do?

An Ombuds is a neutral, impartial person that informally investigates reported complaints and assists in achieving fair outcomes.  In addition, an Ombuds provides information and offers recommendations regarding changes in policies and procedures.

Where is the Office of the University Ombuds located?

The Office of the University Ombuds is located in Foote-Hilyer Administration Center, room 308, on the campus of Florida A & M University.  The Ombuds can also be reached by email at
The telephone and facsimile numbers are (850) 599-3183 and (850) 561-2674, respectively.

When should the Ombuds be contacted?

The Ombuds should be contacted when you are unsure with whom to speak or what options are available, when established policies and procedures have failed to resolve an issue, when the decision-making process appears to be delayed or when you have a complaint about an office or service.

How can the Ombuds help?

The Ombuds can be a first resource to answer questions when a person doesn’t know where to get information or as a last resort to assist when normal channels, processes or procedures have failed to bring resolution to a problem.

The Ombuds can help by:

  • clarifying University policy and procedures.
  • informally investigating your complaint.
  • listening to your complaint.
  • making referrals.
  • offering a confidential and informal forum to discuss your concerns.
  • opening lines of communications.
  • recommending changes to University policies and procedures.

5. Why should the Ombuds’ services be used?

The Ombuds has access to people, records and services that most persons do not.  With such access, the Ombuds will be able to possibly help all persons involved reach a resolution.  Please understand, however, that the Ombuds cannot promise the outcome a person may want.

Contact Info

308 Foote-Hilyer Administration Center
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

P: 850-599-3183
F: 850-561-2674