Office of International Education and Development
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Olumide Arigbede’s testimonial (Mentor):
“My Mentee and I communicated well throughout the Fall semester and we continued on good communication this Spring. We met both on and off campus. We solved some class problems together and did discuss about our future goals. She has been a wonderful fellow and I look forward to having more Mentees like her in future. Once again, thank you, Paula for managing this kind of resourceful program.”

PhD student of Public Health



Olayemi Matthew’s, testimonial (Mentee):
“I met my Mentor before starting the program, so that's beneficial. We share some classes, and we have studied together. We communicate often during the week and on Sundays at Church. He shares scholarship opportunities with me and makes sure that I apply before the deadline. We are both from Nigeria and share the same culture and language. The program gives the Mentor a sense of more responsibility with other International Students.”

PhD student of Public Health


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