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Today’s university student is faced with making some very important career preparation and skill building decisions.   In the global job market, the competition for jobs has escalated in light of the growing number of university graduates and professionals from other countries competing for the same jobs. Many prospective employers look favorably on applicants with foreign language skills and relevant foreign country expertise. The U.S. federal government is investing in scholarship and fellowship programs to develop a professional workforce for jobs related to national security, economic development, and foreign policy implementation. Education abroad has been identified as one of the most effective ways to
With an eye on the future and respect for a world-class education, your student has applied to and been accepted for study abroad or an international internship. This education abroad experience presents unique challenges and opportunities. The education abroad staff of the Office of International Education & Development works with your student to ensure that he or she has a positive academic and cultural immersion experience. In preparation for studying and living abroad, your student is provided with extensive advising to insure that each stage of the application process is met successfully. 
We are very cognizant that the success of each study abroad student is influenced by the supportive involvement of family in the pre-departure advising process and their encouragement while he or she is abroad. We recommend that parents and guardians:
·         Become informed about and involved in the decision of the student to enroll in an education abroad program.
·         Obtain and carefully evaluate program materials, as well as relevant health, safety, and security information. Make sure that you understand the university’s and host country’s safety protocols in case of a natural disaster or political unrest.
·         Discuss with the student and the policies governing the study abroad program. 
·         Engage the student in a thorough discussion of safety and behavior issues, insurance needs, and emergency procedures related to living abroad. Make sure that he or she has adequate international travel and health insurance. 
·         Be responsive to requests from the program sponsor for information regarding the participant.
·         Make arrangements that allow you to (1) keep in touch with the participant through an international cell phone plan and/or email messaging and (2) to provide financial support for personal needs with debit card from a U.S. account or credit card ATM access.
·         Keep a copy of the photograph page of the student’s Passport, class or internship schedule at the host university, in-country housing address and telephone number, and name of the program contact person.

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