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  1. FAMU’s admissions’ office requested two transcripts. Do I need to send another official transcript to the SON?
  2. Yes

  3. What is the application deadline?
    1. Applications for the fall semester are only accepted between May 1 and May15. Applications received before or after these dates will not be considered.
    2. Applications for the spring semester are only accepted between October 1 and 15. Applications received before or after these dates will not be considered.

  4. Where is the School of Nursing application for the professional level?
  5. What prerequisite courses are required prior to admission?
  6. I have been accepted by the University as a “pre-nursing” student.  Does that mean I have been accepted into the professional level nursing program?
    No.  When accepted into the University, you are identified as a pre-nursing student. The School of Nursing will provide separate notification regarding your admission status to the professional level.
  7. How are students selected for the professional level?
    Nursing is a limited access program and selection is highly competitive. Your admission cannot be guaranteed even if you have met all admission criteria.
  8. What does “limited access” mean?
    The number of students admitted to FAMU School of Nursing is limited to 50 in the fall and 50 in the spring.
  9. Does the School of Nursing have a waiting list for qualified students who are not accepted?
    No.  A student who is not accepted must complete the application process again.
  10. When will I know if I have been accepted into the professional level?
    You will receive notification via email that your packet has been received. If you are admitted to the professional level, you will be contacted via phone. If you are not admitted, you will be notified by email. Admission decisions are made after the semester has ended.
  11. What grade point average is required for admission?
    The minimum grade point average to apply is a 2.7. However, this is a highly competitive program.
  12. Will an official transcript be accepted after the deadline?
    All documents, including official transcripts, must be submitted in your packet by the deadline.
  13. I am currently enrolled in required courses. It is now the deadline for admission. How should I proceed?
    Submit an official transcript with your packet. Upon completion of your current semester courses, you must provide an unofficial transcript showing your grades for the current semester before you can be considered for admission.
  14. I have an AA degree. What classes do I need to apply to the SON?
    According to the Florida Department of Education: “Florida has a statewide articulation agreement which guarantees that a college Associate in Arts (AA) degree graduate must be admitted into a state university upon graduation provided that the student has met all requirements for the AA degree and maintained a 2.0 cumulative grade point average. However, this does not mean that every AA graduate will be admitted at the state university of his/her choice or into the upper division program of his/her choice. Application for admission to state universities (particularly into specific degree programs) can be a highly competitive process, so student performance in the AA program may be taken into consideration”
  15. Does my physical examination need to be completed within the time frame listed on the application?
    Yes. Your physical examination must be done 1 month prior to the application deadline. Even if you have already had a physical earlier in the year you will need a new one.
  16. I do not regularly visit a doctor or nurse practitioner. Should I still include a physical examination in my application packet?
  17. I do not have my vaccination records. How might I obtain them?
    You may want to contact your current health care provider and/or your local Health Department.
  18. Do I have to use the Annual Medical Examination form and the Student Health Assessment forms in the packet?
    Yes. Both The Annual Medical Examination form and the Student Health Assessment forms must be signed by your physician.
  19. What should be included in my three letters of recommendation?
    The two letters from college/university professors and one from a recent employer or mentor should discuss academic abilities, relevant knowledge of your character, your commitment to becoming a nurse, etc.   
  20. Will letters of recommendations be accepted after the deadline?
    All documents must be submitted in your packet by the deadline.
  21. I have a criminal record. Will that affect my desire to be a nurse?
    In selected sites, agency clearance is required to gain clinical experiences. Failure of a student to gain agency clearance due to criminal history may prevent successful completion of the program.
  22. What kind of picture do you need?
    A passport photo is required. Some drugstores provide passport photos. The photo must be a recent one.
  23. How should applications be delivered to the School?
    Applications  should be hand delivered or mailed to “Florida A&M University, School of Nursing, 334 W. Palmer Avenue, Room 103 Ware-Rhaney Building, Tallahassee, Florida 32307  Attention: Director of Student Affairs
  24. Will I be able to maintain full time employment if admitted?
    The nursing program is rigorous and requires a significant amount of study time.
  25. What costs should I anticipate during my first semester?
    Tuition and fees should be calculated based on 13 credit hours. Your budget should also include costs related to the purchase of uniforms, equipment, textbooks, etc. In addition, each student will be assessed a $100 - $200 fee each semester for curriculum-related resources. 

Contact Info

334 W Palmer Avenue
103 Ware Rhaney Building
Tallahassee, FL 32307

P: 850-599-3017
F: 850-599-3508