Center for Disability Access and Resources (CeDAR)

The Center for Disability Access and Resources at Florida A&M University provide supportive services to students with disabilities to enhance their skills for personal, academic and professional growth. The mission of the CeDAR, is to provide enriching support programs, services, and reasonable accommodations to FAMU students with disabilities. Our mission is to also foster a sense of empowerment in students with disabilities by educating them about their legal rights and responsibilities so that they can make informed choices, be critical thinkers, and self-advocates. Our goal is to ensure students with disabilities have access to the same programs, opportunities, and activities available to all FAMU students.


The Center for Disability Access and Resources (CeDAR) vision is the creation and sustainment of a university community, through the implementation of universal design, where environments, programs, services and activities are usable by all people regardless disability to the greatest extent possible.


Customer Service Excellence
We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and honoring commitments that we have made to them.
CeDAR Teamwork

Our team is supportive of each other's efforts, loyal to one another, and care for each other both personally and professionally. We strive for a workplace where opportunity, open communication, enthusiasm, diversity, teamwork, accountability and a sense of purpose combine to provide a rewarding professional experience that promotes fairness, dignity and respect for all employees. We also encourage team members to find that feeling of “Zen” between a healthy work and life balance. All of these factors create an undeniable dedication to the University, the CeDAR and the students. All team members are encouraged to openly share their
opinions and views.

Honesty, Respect and Integrity

We act with honesty and integrity, not compromising the truth. We treat our team members, faculty, staff, participants, students, partners and vendors with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity. We respect all individuals and value their contributions. We believe in the inherent worth of people and will honor our relationships with those who let us be part of this world: We, the employees of the FAMU CeDAR, are the engine of value creation; our imagination, determination, and dedication are essential to growth. We will work to celebrate and reward the unique backgrounds, viewpoints, skills, and talents of everyone at the CeDAR. Respect for people is measured by how we treat each other, by the contributions that flow from our diversity, by the productivity of our relationships, and by a job well done, no matter what the job.

Leadership, Inspiration, and Promoting Positive Change

We foresee the CeDAR as a department with the authority to lead, the creativity to inspire,  and to foster positive educational and social change. Embracing and capitalizing on change, recognizing that every team member must be empowered to stimulate continuous improvement in all aspects of our departmental functions. Facing difficult situations with confidence and determination and maintaining student’s rights in accordance with stipulated laws and acts.

Contact Info

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Suite 102
Tallahassee, FL 32307

P: 850.599-3180
F: Fax: 850.561-2513