Department of Campus Safety & Security

K-9 Unit

The Florida A&M University Department of Campus Safety & Security Canine Unit is a valuable resource utilized by its members and other law enforcement agencies in the community. The FAMU-DCSS has one K-9 team consisting of Officer Shaun Pye and K-9 “Que”.

In most states, a police dog is considered a full-fledged police officer, sometimes even given a badge. As such, most laws find assaulting a police dog to be equal or very similar to assaulting a human officer.  The psychological effect of a law enforcement Canine is tremendous, and their deterrent effect on crime cannot be measured. The Canine is not to replace Police Officers, but to work as a member of a Canine/Handler Team.

The Canine’s remarkable smelling and hearing senses are the main reason we utilize canines. These senses combined with their speed and agility allow the canines to perform functions that the human Police Officer just cannot do.

A Canine Team consists of a canine officer and his assigned agency canine partner. The team is available for assignments 24-hours per day. Canine team duties include their law enforcement duties as any other officers, conducting building searches for hidden offenders, tracking suspects who have fled the scene of a crime, performing article searches, detecting narcotics and conducting public service canine demonstrations giving the public a better understanding of what the team is unutilized for. The Canine Team will go through a patrol training program, in accordance to FDLE regulations.  Once the program is completed, the Canine Team will have to re-certify once a year.

  If you would like more information or to request a K-9 demonstration, please contact Sergeant Erica Herring at (850) 561-2658, or email at


Emergency: 911 (toll free)                                 Non-Emergency: 850.599.3256                               TTY:  850-606-5805





Contact Info

2400 Wahnish Way
POM Bldg. A, Suite 128
Tallahassee, Florida 32307

P: 850.599.3256
F: 850.561.2615