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Who We Are

Welcome to the website of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s (FAMU) Office of Technology Transfer, Licensing and Commercialization (TTLC). This site is designed to assist University employees, students, potential licensees and investors with finding answers to questions related to the policies and procedures that govern the process of managing, protecting and marketing the university’s intellectual property. The Office of TTLC was initiated in l996. Click here to view our Vision, Mission and Goals.  The intent of this resource is to encourage FAMU employees and students to disclose novel developments that add value to their research and also have commercial potential. This site is the initial portal for information and services available that are related to disclosing, protecting, marketing and commercializing new developments.  This includes guidance on securing patents, copyrights and trademarks; finding licensing partners and incubating new and emerging start-up and spin-off businesses. The University welcomes the opportunity to assist you in transforming novel ideas into commercial products, services, systems or processes.

What We Do

The staff facilitates the process, management and commercialization of intellectual property generated by FAMU faculty, staff and students at the. Guidance is provided on setting intellectual property policies and procedures, identifying and processing appropriate protective mechanisms including patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, service marks and domain names. In addition, we identify markets, negotiate licenses for new technologies, and make arrangements for incubation services.


The staff looks forward to assisting all university employees, students and partners from the community to converting ideas into commercial realities. You are invited to click here to review Specific Services that are provided by TTLC.



Why We Do What We Do and What are the Benefits and Impact


There are seven specific reasons why this office exists.  First and foremost TTLC was established to provide a different kind and level of service to faculty, staff and students that supportsthe work that they are already doing. The TTLC assists the University with advancing its economic development mission. The office enhances the imageof the institution.  The functions of the office assist the University in meeting its Accreditation Standard (CS3.2.14).  The Office assists the University in meeting Federal Requirements as stipulated by the Bayh-Dole Act.  The activities of the office add value to research and teaching.  Finally, the Office of TTLC assists in generating revenue for the institution and inventors or innovators.  Click here Why We Do to review more details on the case for technology transfer, the impact and benefits it provides.


Contact Us

For additional information contact  Ms. Sharon Snelling; 1540 South Adams Street; Suite G; Tallahassee, FL 32310; 850-412-7232; 850-412-7290 (Fax). Click here to view Staff Listing.



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