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Technologies Available for Licensing

The Office of Technology Transfer, Licensing and Commercialization assists faculty, staff and students with the transfer of novel research results and other innovative and creative ideas to commercial markets for public use. 
The most frequent approach is to license (exclusive, non-exclusive or option terms), the development to outside entities. TTLC has provided a list of featured Technologies Available for Licensing.  

Although patentable inventions constitute major portions of TTLC’s licensing activities, we also process copyrights (software, multimedia and web-based products), trademark licensing, and Material
Transfer Agreements for biological and other materials. Should you have questions regarding the licensing of a technology, a material transfer agreement or any of the other related services, please call (850)412-7232.

Technologies Available for Licensing

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Medical & Pharmaceutical:
Docket NumberInventorName of Invention
20100527-02 Kinfe Redda  
 Madihavi Gangapuram       
N-Aminotetrahydroisoquinolines as Cancer Agents
20108827-01 Kinfe Redda  
 Madihavi Gangapuram 
N-Aminopyrrolymethylterrahydropyridines as Anti-Cancer Agents
20102006  Karam Soliman 
 Elizabeth Mazzio
Nutracuetical Agent for Attenuating the Associated with Parkinson's Disease Neurodegenerative  
20071216  Kinfe Redda 
 Chavonda Mills
 Nelly Mateeva
Synthetic Flavonoids and Pharmaceutical Compositions and Therapeutic Methods of Treatment of HIV Infection and Other Pathologies
 20120410  John CooperwoodSerms for the Treatment of Estrigen Receptor-Mediated Disorders
 20080129 Seth Ablordeppey3-Substituted Quinolinium and 7H-Indolo[2,3-C] Quinolinium Salts as New Anti-Infectives
 20050318  Seth AblordeppeyAntifungal and Antiparasitic Indoloquinoline Derivates
 20111130  John CooperwoodTreatment of Estrogen Receptor-Mediated Disorders
 20090406NazariusLamango                  Inhibitors of Polyisoprenylated Methylated Protein Methyl Esterase
 20111107 Nazarius LamangoCancer Diagnosis by Measuring Poluisprenylate Methylated Protein Methyl Esterase Activity
 20061201 Nazarius LamangoInhibitors of Polyisoprenylated Methylated
 20100420 Seth AblordeppeyHaloperidol Analogs
 20030701 John CooperwoodSelective Estrogen Receptor Modulators F/K/A Use of Aminoalkyloxy Derivates of 1,3,5.(10)-Estratrien and Estratetraene Steroids in the Treatment of Breast Cancer
 Karam Soliman  
 Elizabeth Mazzio
Topical Treatment for Dyshidrosis (Pompholyx) and Dry Skin Disorders
 20050318 Seth Ablordeppey Antifungal and Antiparasitic Indoloquinoline Derivates
 20071105  Seth AblordeppeyHaloperidol Analogs
 20000819 Nazarius LamangoMethod for Treatment of Neurological Disease Characterized by Impaired Neuromodulator Function
Henry Lee Anti-Inflammatory Carboxy Pregnane Derivatives
19860201Henry Lee Anti-Inflammatory Prednisolone Steriods
 20060331  Seth AblordeppeyAntifungal and Antiparasitic Indoloquinoline Derivates
 20130221 Seth Ablordeppey Anti-Infective Activity of Delta Carbolines and Analog
 20111202John CooperwoodSteroidal Estrogen Derivates as Pharmaceutical Preparations (Treatment of Diabetes)
 20110315 Lambert KangaMicrobial Control of Aethina Tumida with Metharhizum Anisopliae
 20120323Renee ReamsA Protein, Containing a SNP whose Expression Increases with Increasing Metastatic Potential in Prostate Cancer Cell Lines
 20100827-02  Kinfe Redda  
Madihavi Gangapuram  
N-Aminotetrahydroisoquinolines as Anti-Cancer Agents
 20100727Mandip SachdevaSurface Modified Multi-Layered Nanostructures for Dermal Delivery
 20111104Mandip SachdevaUltrasonic Dual Channel Spray Dried Modified Multi- Layered Microstructures for Oral Delivery
 20101109Mandip SachdevaAlpha-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone as Topical Inflammatory Agent for the Treament of Allergic Contact Dermatitis and Eczema
 20120321Mandip SachdevaEnhanced In-Vivo Imaging of Tumors Using Modified Nanodelivery System
 20120423Mandip SachdevaNovel Nano-Delivery System for Medical and Preclinical Imaging
Food & Agriculture:
 Docket Number Inventor Name of Invention
 20070331Jiang LuMuscadine Grape Plant Named Majesty
 20100917Ashvini Chauhan 
Dawn Lewis
Precise and Sensitive Microbial Indicators of Bauxite Mined Soil Health and Productivity
 20121221Jennifer Cherrier
Alex Bolques
Water Retention and Reuse System
 2007114-01  Violetka ColovaBeverage Compositions Containing Blends of Small Berry Fruits and Yaupon Solids for Use and Therof
 20081029 Violetka Colova In Vitro Synchronized Strains of Subepidermal Cells of Muscadine (Muscadina sp.) Grapevine Pericarp for use as a Source of Flavonoid (nutraceutical) Compounds with Application thereof
 20111117-02Mehboob SheikhIdentification and Characterization of PD-tolerance Related Proteins in Muscadine Grape Exlem Sap
 20111117-05 Mehboob SheikhIdentification and Characterization of Vacuolar Invertase and Invertase Inhibitor in Muscadine Grape
 20111117-01Hemanth Vasanthaiah
Mehboob Sheikh 
 Isolation of Sibene Synthase Gene Specific to Muscadine (Vitis rotundifolia) Grape
 20111117-03Hemanth Vasanthaiah
Mehboob Sheikh 
 Identification and Characterization of Genes Associated with Pierce's Disease Tolerance
 2011111-04 Hemanth Vasanthaiah
Mehboob Sheikh 
 Identification and Characterization of Genes Associated with Anthracnose Tolerance
James Muchovej  Oghenekome Onokpise
 Mycoherbicide for Controlling Congograss
Engineering & Industrial:
Docket Number Inventor Name of Invention
 20081125Elliot Treadwell Threshold Cerenkov Detector with Radial Segmentation(TCDRS)
 20120831Eric Kalu
Jamie Gomez
Fabrication Method for a High Peforming Air Cathode for Lithium-Air Battery
 20110317Sihle Wilson 
Ronald Benson
Artificial Intelligence Valrt System
 20130312Charles WeatherfordLaser-Assisted Nuon-Catalyzed Fusion
 20130306Doris TerryOne Step Acrylamide Gel Electrophoresis with Staining
 20121205Carol ScarlettL.I.M.T.I.S.: Light Identification of Matter through Induced Splitting
 Docket Number  Inventor Name of Invention
 20051121 Moeub LanhFinger Flag Assembly
 20080226 Sharon SnellingConvertible Pocket Folder
 20051121-01 Moeub LanhPole/Finger Flag Assembly
 2007114-02Evan Anderson
Emerson Naylor
Deliena Stone
Charla Johnson
A Baby Bottle Holder
 20051209 Tanaga Boozer Distributed Technology Transfer Department
 20071117Malcolm Kelly 
Nordian Brown
Leitoya Snelling
Collaspible, Sanitized Straw Assembly

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